Q: Why become a GrapePip private vendor?

A: To maximise your returns on impeccable stock...


Same price for stock of varying quality?

Wines of varying quality are traded  in the secondary markets. Some might have originally been sold in another part of the world altogether and have made its way by undefined pathways onto the UK market; others may have lain undisturbed in professional storage somewhere in the UK since first purchase. And yet, assuming there is no outward sign of a problem, the same prices will be applied to both!


GrapePip believes perfect provenance should be rewarded

GrapePip is a marketplace for only wine of perfect provenance. Buyers can come to GrapePip and bid with the assurance that each and every lot is of the highest possible quality. 

These wines are of a quality that demands a premium. And if buyers are paying premium prices, you, the vendor, will receive premium returns: just deserts for the care you’ve taken with your wine's upbringing.


Who can be a Private Vendor on GrapePip?

Private individuals whose wine has been professionally stored in the UK since its original sale. If your wines do not match these criteria, we are unable to list them on GrapePip. If you are a UK-based wine merchant looking to sell your wines on GrapePip, please go to our Trade Vendor Information Page


How does it all work?

The first step is for you to apply to be a Private Vendor - see the link below. Your request comes through to GrapePip where we verify your credentials. You will then receive an email from GrapePip confirming your acceptance as a Private Vendor, at which point you are ready to start listing your wine on GrapePip.

Simply log in to your account, click on "Vendor Area" and add a new lot. There are NO listing fees. Our only charge to you is 5% Private Vendor's Commission plus VAT on the hammer price of any sold lots.

PLEASE NOTE - When you submit a lot, you will be required to provide documentation to confirm original purchase and subsequent storage in a UK warehouse. We will contact you to obtain this documentation and, only once we have received it, will we then make the lot live. 

Once a wine sells, you will receive an email confirming the sale. You will then receive a second email confirming GrapePip's receipt of payment from the Buyer. At this point, you simply transfer your sold wine to the GrapePip account at the same warehouse, i.e. if it is lying in Octavian, you transfer it to GrapePip's account at Octavian, maintaining the same duty status. And we do the rest! We will arrange delivery to the Buyer, we will credit your GrapePip account with the proceeds and invoice you for your 5% commission.

We are in the process of putting together a more detailed manual for our Vendors, including all the "small print" and day-to-day "How to..." instructions. In the meantime, if you have any questions or queries, please call us - 0845 548 0580


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