Duty Status

The Duty Status of each lot is clearly stated within the Lot Details - see below. It is the Buyer's responsibility to note the duty status of the wine prior to bidding on the lot and the Buyer must pay in full any duty & VAT applicable. 













Explanation of Duty Status:

All wine being sold via GrapePip will either be Under Bond or Duty Paid.

Under Bond means that the wine is still in a bonded warehouse and as such, neither duty nor VAT has as yet been paid on this wine. The Buyer will have to pay both duty & VAT as and when they take delivery of the wine. Click here for full details of our delivery charges

Since the Budget (March 2014), duty is now £24.60 per 9 litre case (12 x 75cl)
VAT is currently 20% and is charged on both the sale value of the wine and the duty. 

An example of cost breakdown for an under bond wine being delivered to a duty paid address: (Please note this example shows the old duty rate. It will be updated shortly.)

 Duty Paid means that duty & VAT has already been paid on this wine. There are no further charges to be paid, other than delivery charges where applicable. 



















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