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GrapePip is an online auction platform utterly unlike traditional auction businesses; rather than offering a level of risk in exchange for a bargain, GrapePip leaves nothing to chance. All wines listed come with perfect and demonstrable provenance and have only ever been stored in professional wine storage facilities since first shipment to the UK.

...and low commission rates.

Buyer's Commission 5%, Vendor's Commission 5% (both plus VAT)


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 What our customers are saying about us...

"Well, having picked up twelve bottles for south of £200 on GrapePip I thought it best to try one. Much respect was given to the opening and decanting and the wait was well worth it. Elegant, fully mature without being fragile, earthy and even slightly austere a very traditional St Julien. The only problem was that really should have opened two bottles!"

"GrapePip, my favourite wine shopping website..."

"Really enjoying using this site. Simple but effective. And very efficient after-sales service too."

"A well laid out, attractive site with intuitive functionality."

"Faultless and the very highest quality of service."

"The site is extremely easy to use and the software fast and accurate."

“Absolute joy the simplicity of the site.”

"Very helpful and goes an extra mile."

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